The Stress-Less Vest

Stress Less-Vest

The Manaola Innovations team has experienced first-hand the crippling effects of high stress and anxiety and began a search for a realistic solution to alleviate these issues. They created the Stress-Less Vest to incorporate the calming effects of compression that have shown success in products like weighted blankets, and that mimics the soothing nature of a hug. They made that relief accessible in daily life through a discreet garment that can be worn under clothing. The Stress-Less Vest is ideal for those who live high-stress lives and are always on the go. The vest is worn under clothing, with compression that can be activated with a quick pull of the strings on the side of the garment. This inconspicuous design allows the user the ability to deploy compression at any time: in an intense meeting, on a first date, or during a test.