Manaola Innovations featured in Ka Leo

A model of the customizable gait trainer.

Austin Yoshino was inspired to design a customizable gait trainer because of his younger brother Brandt, who lives with cerebral palsy. The walker that Brandt uses hinders his mobility because of its design, size and weight. 

“That’s the biggest issue — getting him in and out of his devices, taking him to places where we usually go,” Yoshino, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa said.

Yoshino’s design is a customizable gait trainer that incorporates gyroscopic technology in the wheels. The gyroscopic technology will help the wheels become self-balanced instead of having four points or more contact the ground. He said the design will help  users to walk for longer periods of time. 

Ka Leo

You can view the rest of the article at Ka Leo’s website.

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